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Lighthouse in Action

Want to learn more about Lighthouse and how it may fit your needs? See what Lighthouse has done, how Lighthouse works, and what clients and the community say.

Since its founding in 1992, Lighthouse has built an impressive portfolio of successes. Some examples are offerred here for your review and more information is available upon request.

Featured Case Study

Strategy & Business Planning Case Study: Sonix.

A manufacturer of ultrasound testing equipment, Sonix had developed a unique niche and approach in the market. Their strengths were in providing a customized product and a fully integrated product offering. Four founders had successfully run the company for years but were looking for a growth strategy that increased the value of their company and offered them options to personally exit the business...


"He offers straight talk, practical experience, and good advice and always goes the extra mile."

Mary MacPherson, SVP Marketing


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