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Case Studies: Funding Guidance

Client: Astrum Digital

Client Situation.

Under its original name Power TV, Astrum had developed a series of unique technologies that captured news mentions for corporate clients. Through some proprietary "fingerprinting" technology, Astrum's clients were able to monitor broadcast news for any mention of their company and then view the related statistics and video to better monitor their advertising and PR efforts.

Astrum had the opportunity to dominate this market through its technology by building a nationwide system and needed significant capital to do so.


  • Astrum had the knowledge, technology and clients for its business but lacked a clear and compelling business plan for articulating it.
  • Astrum had never raised money in the capital markets before and needed guidance.

Lighthouse Role.

  • Defined a new strategy and business plan. Lighthouse advised Astrum to consolidate three related but separate businesses under a single umbrella, to tell a more compelling and integrated story and better leverage the capital they were seeking. A series of intense interviews and additional research then allowed Lighthouse to craft a compelling business plan tailored to the venture capital markets.
  • Suggested strategic partnership approach. Lighthouse also suggested simultaneously pursuing strategic partnerships in addition to venture partnerships. This allowed the company to pursue several options for growth at the same time and to expand their network for doing business and attracting customers even as they sought capital.


  • Lighthouse developed a comprehensive strategy and business plan from both new and existing data. The plan was used as a marketing document to attract venture partners, a platform for seeking strategic partners, and a guide for internal management decisions related to growth.
  • Under a separate advisory role, Lighthouse helped Astrum to refine its targets within the venture capital markets to focus on the most appropriate and likely funders. Lighthouse was instrumental in a number of specific introductions and in successfully securing both a commitment for capital infusion and later an acquisition of Astrum by a strategic partner.

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"Larry is the perfect sounding board for the entrepreneur."

Duke Chung, CEO & Cofounder


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