Why is this its own page?

Simple.  And there are two reasons why.

Reason One.

Many people find Lighthouse through Larry Robertson (the Founder of Lighthouse and its President) and increasingly through his award-winning book:

A Deliberate Pause:

Entrepreneurship and its Moment in Human Progress

So for those who want to learn about the book quickly, here we provide you quick information and quick links.

Reason Two.

Taking “a deliberate pause” turns out to be a central ability, habit, and reason for why the very best entrepreneurs succeed in creating lasting impact and value where others don’t.

Don’t you think you ought to learn about it then, even if you don’t work with Lighthouse? We do.

A Deliberate Pause

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Quick takes on A Deliberate Pause

What is “a deliberate pause”?

A deliberate pause is a conscious moment in which we open our minds and ask “why are things the way they are?” and wonder “how could life be better?” Pausing to ask such questions is a natural and uniquely human inclination. It’s also the critical factor that sparks fresh ideas and is seized by entrepreneurs to catalyze seismic changes—ones that allow humanity to progress.

A Deliberate Pause (the book) reveals the power of a deliberate pause (the action) while unveiling unexpected truths about entrepreneurship itself. Through example, exploration, and analysis of the innovative thoughts and achievements of more than 200 seasoned entrepreneurial leaders, Larry Robertson shows how each of us can adopt a deliberate pause and an entrepreneurial mindset to better our lives, our species, and our world. In the process, he gives us the understanding of entrepreneurship we’ve been missing—and need now more than ever.

Like being the first to put forth a new idea, being a lighthouse keeper was often lonely. But the hours spent tracking their thoughts and observations and looking for patterns helped countless others who followed to shape the future.

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Larry Robertson’s 
newest book:

(released September 2016)


Larry Robertson’s

newest book:

(released September 2016)

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