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Is Lighthouse Right For You?

Answer these questions to find out...

  1. Is your organization experiencing or anticipating growth?
  2. Is your organization undergoing significant change - in size, in its team composition, in the markets served - that is difficult to manage?
  3. Are you or your organization evolving to new and different roles from what you've known? Could you use perspective, guidance and experience to take you to the next level?
  4. Do you need to develop or redefine a strategy for your organization? Do you need to tie strategy firmly to your organization's resources and daily activities?
  5. As an investor in small, growing companies, is your investment team stretched to cover due diligence needs or to spend time guiding portfolio companies to their intended goals?
  6. Are you struggling with why what should be working isn't?
  7. Could you use a neutral sounding board to give you an independent perspective on difficult issues?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to explore how Lighthouse can help you meet your challenges and guide you to success.

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"Your obvious experience and professionalism was a cool, clean drink of water in what had become a very muddy environment."

Don DeMoss, COO


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