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Funding Guidance

Defining the Service Area
Funding Guidance is: Helping growing organizations understand the role of capital in a business, understand and assess the timing and sources for growth capital, and comprehend, weigh and choose the right source of capital.

Organizations need capital to grow and operate. However, no one source, size, or timing for infusion fits all companies. The requirements to attract capital and the implications of accepting it vary by source too. And the impact that capital and its source and timing will have on an organization varies by organization. Funding guidance involves assessing these factors and charting a strategy through them.

Beyond assessment and planning for capital is the process of finding it, attracting it, assuming it, and living with it. There is no substitute for experience in understanding this process, reading the signals that come along the way, and adapting to them. Funding guidance can also involve coaching a team and an organization through this process.

Scope of Lighthouse Services
Lighthouse Funding Guidance includes:
Educating newcomers to the need, options and process of attracting capital
Helping assess needs and developing strategies for funding
Guiding and coaching organizations through the funding process
Assisting organizations in targeting the right capital providers for their needs

Sample Clients - Case Studies
Astrum Digital
Boss Film Studios
US Order

"He offers straight talk, practical experience, and good advice and always goes the extra mile."

Mary MacPherson, SVP Marketing


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