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Lighthouse also offers three additional services that support its primary service areas (Strategy & Business Planning, Executive Coaching, Funding Guidance) or can take the form of standalone projects.

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Featured Case Study

Due Diligence Case Study: Heartstream

In 1994 Heartstream was only a burgeoning idea conceived by a small group of engineers from Eli Lilly who believed that there was a better way to build and deploy defibrillation technology to save more lives. They believed that defibrillators could be built more compactly, with more advanced and automated technology, and that they could be deployed for use by everyday, non-medical people (AED or Automatic Electronic Defibrillators). However, they had no data to support their hypotheses or insights about how to reach their potential market...



"He offers straight talk, practical experience, and good advice and always goes the extra mile."

Mary MacPherson, SVP Marketing


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