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Other Services - Team Facilitation

Defining the Service Area
Team Facilitation is one of Lighthouse Consulting's supporting services. Supporting services support the core Lighthouse services (Strategy & Business Planning, Executive Coaching, Funding Guidance) or are offered as standalone services based on the client's needs.

Other Supporting Services include: Due Diligence and Presentations, Seminars and Retreats.

Scope of Lighthouse Services
Team Facilitation includes:
Organizational behavior and structure guidance, particularly as organizations grow
Company and team mission identification
Translation of mission and goals into specific roles for team members
Evaluation of teams working ineffectively or encountering hurdles
Facilitation of project teams

Sample Clients - Case Studies
National Audubon Society
Strategic Media Research
VISA International



"He offers straight talk, practical experience, and good advice and always goes the extra mile."

Mary MacPherson, SVP Marketing


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