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The Lighthouse Story
What's in the Name?

When you think of a Lighthouse, what images come to mind?

Clarity of Vision

Lighthouse Consulting was named for these very qualities.

Lighthouse Consulting was established in 1992 to provide strategic guidance and advisory services to growth companies. Lighthouse’s goal is to help companies, their leaders, and their investors identify, understand and capitalize on the challenges brought on by growth.

What kind of companies turn to Lighthouse Consulting? Promising entrepreneurial companies that have successfully set their ideas and businesses in motion but are expecting or experiencing growing pains. Companies operating in markets that once seemed plentiful, but have become saturated or feel small. Companies facing new markets that require a different approach than what has been followed in the past. Organizations that are growing in size and struggling with how to evolve. Leaders of growing companies seeking new solutions as their resource needs expand or change with respect to capital, strategic partners or management talent. These growing companies find that Lighthouse can effectively guide them to the answers they seek.

Lighthouse Consulting also serves firms that invest in growth companies. Venture capital and investment firms frequently have challenges of their own where Lighthouse can be a valuable partner. Whether seeking to minimize staff and overhead related to managing deal flow, or appropriately and efficiently screening for attractive investments, these firms look to Lighthouse to provide a broader and more balanced market perspective to supplement their own financial due diligence.

Like a lighthouse to a ship in a storm, Lighthouse Consulting helps its clients to see through the fog, chart the right business course, and turn challenging waters into seas of opportunity and success.

We think the name Lighthouse fits. The images a lighthouse brings to mind are exactly the assets Lighthouse brings to its clients.

Lighthouse helps you to ...

Pause. Plan. Progress.TM


"Larry is the perfect sounding board for the entrepreneur."

Duke Chung, CEO & Founder


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