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The Lighthouse Story
The Lighthouse Approach

Unlike larger, traditional management consulting firms that bring in their own ‘cast of experts’ to tell a company’s management how to run their business, Lighthouse Consulting has crafted the unique approach of partnering with the client’s management team as an anchor from which to develop solutions.

The concept behind this approach is to draw the knowledge of a particular business from the real experts - the management team. Lighthouse then supplements the client’s knowledge with particular expertise in business growth, strategy, or other areas of expertise that management may lack or wish to enhance.

By engaging the client company’s management actively in the process, Lighthouse Consulting not only allows the client to become a part of the solution, but also facilitates an approach where the knowledge and solutions developed stay with the client. This process of teamwork between client and consultant results in ‘collaborative innovation.’ By taking this unique approach, it is the client and not the consultant who drives the relationship and who is truly in a position to measure and judge value to the business and its management.

To Lighthouse Consulting, strategic guidance and advisory services are relationship based, not project based. Through integrity, intuition and active involvement, Lighthouse strives to build value for the client and to earn the privilege of a long-term relationship.

Lighthouse Consulting believes its continued success and the success of its clients is firmly anchored in this team approach.


"Your keen insight and ability to be a non-threatening resource to assist in the solution was key."

Chris Schellhorn, COO
Integrion Financial Network


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