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The Lighthouse Story

Lighthouse Consulting offers 3 main services that are critical to supporting and guiding companies, entrepreneurs, and those who invest in them.

Lighthouse also offers three additional services that support these primary service areas or can take the form of standalone projects.

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Featured Case Study

Strategy & Business Planning Case Study: The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is one of the best-known conservation management organizations in the world. Its key strength is stewardship and management of "natural" lands. At the time of Lighthouse's engagement with TNC, the organization was also under new leadership and undergoing a major strategic overhaul to reassess its past and future approach to its mission. The immediate challenge: a large, unique piece of property had been proposed for donation to TNC Georgia. Though the bulk of the gift was pristine land, 70 buildings came with it. The buildings and the inability of TNC or any other steward to simply remove them due to their history, presented a unique challenge...




"He offers straight talk, practical experience, and good advice and always goes the extra mile."

Mary MacPherson, SVP Marketing


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