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Services - Strategy & Business Planning

Defining the Service Area
Strategy & Business Planning is: Leadership or guidance in the process of developing strategy and the plans that help organizations to communicate and execute their strategy.

Strategic planning typically includes analysis and positioning of an organization's business. This analysis can include developing the: mission and vision of the organization, business goals and objectives, and positioning of the organization in the market or with the audience it plans to serve.

Business planning usually follows strategic planning and builds on a company's strategy and addresses the management and operational steps that an organization must take to make the strategy a reality. Business plans can include: milestones, resource needs, deliverables, and time frames in which a plan will become reality.

Scope of Lighthouse Services
Lighthouse's Strategy and Business Planning includes:
Review and comment on existing strategy and plans
Completion, revision, or repositioning of existing plans
Creation of plans and planning processes
Transformation of strategy and plans into other tools/documents

Sample Clients - Case Studies
Astrum Digital
The Nature Conservancy
Visa Interactive

"He offers straight talk, practical experience, and good advice and always goes the extra mile."

Mary MacPherson, SVP Marketing


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