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Meet the Team

Who is part of the Lighthouse team?

The Client.
Lighthouse is your guide, not your replacement. The goal of any Lighthouse client engagement is to actively include the client's team in the process of assessing and addressing its challenge. The skills remain with you, the client, rather than creating a dependence on Lighthouse.

Larry Robertson.
Larry Robertson is the founder and the core of Lighthouse Consulting. The company's philosophy and approach are based on his years of experience in guiding growing companies, their leaders and those who invest in them. In most engagements, he serves as the primary guide and taps the Lighthouse network as the needs of the client dictate.

You can learn more about Larry Robertson on his biography page.

The Lighthouse Network.
Because the needs of its clients vary, Lighthouse provides skills that are broad, covering all aspects of growth that growing organizations encounter. Yet Lighthouse recognizes that there are times when its clients need specialized skills in certain areas - legal, human resources, financial, marketing, etc. When the client's needs run deeper, Lighthouse has developed an extensive network of specialists which can be tapped to meet these needs. Lighthouse will prepare you to use these resources effectively and guide you to the most appropriate ones.

You can learn more about some of our partners on our partners' page.

"He's a big firm consulting brain without all the worthless baggage."

Mike Hubbard, CEO & Founder
Catalyst Health Care Systems


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